“On Monday, we receive an offer from Gazprom. Let's be honest. The proposal that has now been received is unacceptable for Ukraine, given the fact that it is necessary to abandon arbitration and sign an agreement for only one year of using our gas transportation system, ”Orgel said on the air of ICTV.

Previously, Gazprom stated that they had sent Naftogaz a proposal to extend the existing contract for a year or to conclude a new gas transit agreement.

The corresponding proposal said that a prerequisite for the continuation of transit is a mutual rejection of the claims of the parties in the courts.

The executive director of the Ukrainian company, Yuri Vitrenko, said that Naftogaz received a proposal from Gazprom to extend the contract for gas transit, it will be carefully studied.

The State Duma commented on the proposal of Gazprom to RT.