Tata Steel Europe plans to cut back three thousand jobs in Europe, the company confirms after reporting by Reuters news agency . It is not clear how many of these jobs should disappear in the Netherlands.

Dutch trade unions were reported Monday about the company's decision. In the coming weeks, it must become clear where changes must take place. Tata Steel wants, in its own words, to prevent it from closing power stations.

In mid-October reports appeared that the manufacturer wants to cut some 170 million euros in the Netherlands. The works council feared at the time that it would cost 2,500 jobs, a quarter of all jobs.

From leaked documents, it became clear earlier that the company must save more than 830 million euros in total. Henrik Adam, CEO, admitted on Saturday that the company should cut costs, but told in conversation with Het Financieele Dagblad (FD) that it is a smaller amount.

The manufacturer has more than 20,000 employees in Europe, of which 11,000 in the Netherlands, but is under pressure from competition and high energy costs.

The Dutch branch of the group was not available on Monday evening.