“As for the United States, the Americans began to consider Russian gas a problem when they themselves turned into gas exporters. Maybe this is a coincidence. I don’t know if there are such coincidences, ”he told the Potsdam Meetings forum in Moscow.

As Gabriel noted, in the gas situation we are talking about mutual interests.

“We are 30% dependent on gas supplies from Russia, there is no doubt about that. I suspect that it is important for Russia that we buy this gas. The interests here are mutual, it’s pretty obvious, ”he added.

He stressed that Germany is interested in maintaining gas transit through the territory of Ukraine.

Earlier, the Alternative for Germany party sent an appeal to the FRG government, which called for measures to protect Nord Stream 2 from US sanctions.

As noted in the Department of State, Nord Stream-2 threatens US priorities regarding the energy security of European countries.

On November 13, the Bundestag passed a bill that regulates the application of amendments to the EU Gas Directive for Germany, which covers the gas pipeline project.