The former president of BBVA Francisco González has declared Monday for two and a half hours as accused before the judge of the National Court that investigates the 'Villarejo case'. At the doors of the court, after his appearance before magistrate Manuel García Castellón and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, Gonzélez has assured that both BBVA and its executives acted "always in a complete and exemplary manner". Gonzalez limited the Villarejo case to "some individual action" that he currently does not know.

The former manager is charged with the crimes of bribery and the discovery and disclosure of secrets in relation to the alleged espionage orders he made to former prison commissioner José Manuel Villarejo. Over a decade, the police command would have pocketed 10 million euros in exchange for allegedly illegal work for the financial entity.

González highlighted that in May 2018, when he heard that one of the companies of the retired commissioner had worked with BBVA, an internal investigation was opened "to determine the scope of these works." As for the judicial investigation, which remains under secrecy, González has answered all questions from the Prosecutor and the judge, which has not imposed precautionary measures.

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