In Andermans Zaken Thomas Moerman and Lisa Peters put their nose into other people's affairs. In that of well-known Dutch entrepreneurs, of course. With this week: Camille Richardson, former basketball pro and founder of OneFit, better known as the Netflix of gyms.

Listen to the podcast here.

Richardson explains why three minutes in -110 degrees is also sports (just like monkey cages, disco bikes and hot yoga), why you can simply continue with a healthy dose of fear of failure as a starting entrepreneur and what it is like when your competition is hundreds has millions to spend (and not you).

About Andermans Affairs

Andermans Affairs is the podcast in which Moerman and Peters put their nose to the trade and walk of famous Dutch entrepreneurs.

They talk about what it's like to be the boss. About when they lay awake at night and thought: what the hell have I started? But especially about why one company is a fall exercise and the other a success story.

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