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On a street in Tehran, November 18, 2019. ATTA KENARE / AFP

To prevent protests and protests after rising gas prices, the authorities cut off the internet in many parts of the country, which is criticized by many Iranians.

With our correspondent in Tehran, Siavosh Ghazi

It is the National Security Council, which reports to the Ministry of the Interior, which made the decision to shut down the internet in order to control the protest movement.

A decision criticized by Ali, a 23-year-old student: " I am very unhappy because of the internet shutdown. Our whole life is disturbed. People have become addicted to the internet. When cut, everything is disturbed. All relationships are cut. Today, even a son uses the internet to be in touch with his mother or friends. I hope it will be restored. It really hits our nerves. "

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The cut also affects some jobs, but also contacts between Iranians and their family members abroad, as claimed by Hamid, another 24-year-old student. "A lot of people work with the internet," he says. Many have contacts with family members abroad, my cousin lives abroad and her contacts are cut off with her family. The cut limited a lot of things . "

The Minister of Telecommunications has confirmed that the internet has been cut and not limited. We are trying to try to restore it, he added.