Mubadala Investment Company has announced the launch of Sanad Group and the merger of three companies under it.

Under the umbrella of the new group are three companies: Sanad Aviation Technologies, which specializes in maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft engines; Sanad Energy Technologies, which specializes in maintenance, repair and overhaul services for gas turbines; and Sanad Finance, formerly known as Sanad Solutions. Aviation »Specialized to provide financial support services to finance engine parts and components.

The new Sanad Group is a mainstay of Mubadala's efforts to support Abu Dhabi's long-term growth goals in the global aviation and industrial services sectors.

Badr Saleem Sultan Al Ulama, Head of Aviation Industry at Mubadala Investment Company, said the merger of our subsidiaries under one umbrella is a necessary step to achieve our vision, while looking to enhance the value added we provide to our partners and customers along the value added chain in the industry. Aviation and industry.

“With the leadership of the three companies being able to deliver success and providing added value, the establishment of the new group will enable the leadership team to achieve further achievements in the coming years.”