As Kobolev wrote on Facebook, in order to "maintain balance and justice," he confirms the "actually correct part of Mr Putin’s statement."

“Ukraine really has obligations to introduce European legislation before the end of this year,” he said.

He expressed hope that the Rada “will be able to unblock the signing of the already adopted bill” concerning the gas transmission system.

The head of the company also emphasized that Naftogaz never refused to buy gas from Gazprom at fair market prices.

On November 14, Putin, speaking at the end of the BRICS summit, announced the risk of terminating gas transit through Ukraine.

The head of state recalled the claims of Naftogaz and Ukraine’s intention to implement European legislation. As Putin specified, Russia is ready to conclude a new agreement on any legislation, but in this case, not everything depends on it.

“Therefore, there is a risk of a transit interruption,” he said.

Commenting on these words, the European Commission noted that they are calm in this matter and intend to continue working with both parties on the conclusion of a new contract.

At the end of October, following the results of trilateral consultations in Brussels, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak announced his readiness to propose an extension of the existing transit agreement as a fallback.

The Minister emphasized that at the meeting the issue of implementing the European legislation into Ukrainian was touched upon, it was emphasized that “there are still risks”.

At the same time, Novak stressed that if Kiev is ready to work according to European legislation, Moscow is also ready to provide gas transit under this legislation.