They bought the DNI from a junkie. They got a payroll on the black data market (they got for example one from a Coca-Cola executive). They went to the financial services website of El Corte Inglés or Cofidis . And they asked, brandishing both documents and impersonating identities, a microcredit. With what they were given, they bought high-end technology from Apple and branded clothing: Gucci , Louis Vuitto n, Givenchy . Then they resold that material, to hide the entire tract of money. And so they managed to scam half a million euros. Of course, then there was no one who could return the credit.

The hyperactive Judicial Police Unit attached to the courts of Plaza de Castilla has clarified a large-scale plot to electronically scam half a dozen micro-loan firms, several of the most important: Caixabank , Carrefour , Cofidis , El Corte Inglés , Money- More . Six people have been arrested, three in Madrid and three in Gandía , five of which are men, all Spanish, and the other a woman, of Portuguese nationality.

The criminal dynamics used, according to the agents who have carried out the investigation, the cavities of the system, the slits, to obtain money. With the DNI, bought from homeless and drug addicts , or acquired on the black market, criminals made marry real payrolls also acquired clandestinely.

The list of a Murcian politician: 3,200 euros

At this point the sophistication of the scam was denoted: the detainees falsified the payrolls with precision printers, inserted the names of the cards, and generated an appearance of reality around the microcredit applicant. Some of these payrolls, in fact, was not easily accessible: one of those apprehended by the police came from the private information of a senior official of the Region of Murcia , with monthly emoluments of 3,200 euros.

The agents, after the denunciations of several of these companies, spent six months investigating the criminal dynamics, until they carried out the operation: four searches, seizure of computers, false documentation and several luxury effects, and also of a kilogram of marijuana and a precision balance , which suggests that some of the detainees also cheated on drugs.

In closing, the Adscrita Unit of Plaza de Castilla located several manuals of the criminals themselves on how to cheat each of the banks, with all the tricks to get the money without arousing suspicion.

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