Nissan next year's extraordinary general meeting of shareholders Makoto Uchida and other presidents will be elected as directors November 12 21:01

Nissan will hold an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders in February next year, and will consult a proposal to appoint Seiji Uchida, the new president of the new management system, as directors. On the other hand, the former president, Hayato Nishikawa, will retire from the management of Nissan after retiring as a director after a general meeting of shareholders.

According to the announcement, Nissan decided to hold an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders in Yokohama on February 18th at the board meeting held on the 12th.

At the general meeting, Mr. Ashwani Gupta will be appointed as COO = Chief Operating Officer of Nissan from the executives of Mitsubishi Motors in partnership with the next president of Uchida. It means consulting the proposal to appoint them as directors.

On the other hand, President Nishikawa, who resigned in September due to uncertain remuneration issues, will retire as a director and retire from Nissan's management.

Last month, Mr. Borole, who was dismissed as CEO of Renault, will also retire from Nissan.

A new management system, headed by the next president of Uchida, will be launched next month. Approval at the general meeting of shareholders was required to make Uchida and others directors.

Under the new management structure, there are challenges in recovering sluggish business performance and re-establishing a relationship of trust with Renault, who has been jerky since Gone's case.