The strikes at the German airline Lufthansa have been suspended for the time being. The company and the UFO cabin crew have decided to continue the talks under the guidance of a mediator, the airline said Tuesday via Twitter.

The two parties have long been unable to agree on wages and the position of temporary employees within the company. Cabin crew (around 21,000 employees) want to improve wages and working conditions for temporary employees.

The conflict led to heavy strikes at Lufthansa last week. On Thursday and Friday, the airline was forced to cancel thirteen hundred flights. As a result, around 180,000 travelers were duped.

New strikes are therefore off the ground for the time being. After a number of discussions, Lufthansa and UFO agreed on a conciliation procedure this week. As long as the talks are running, no strikes will be organized, UFO promises.

"The confidential discussions with UFO have made it clear that we can come to a solution together", Lufthansa said in a tweet.

Lufthansa and UFO alone: ​​Nach konstruktiven Gesprächen haben sich both Parties heute auf eine Schlichtung zu offenen Fragestellungen in der Lufthansa Cabin ends. Absolute Friedenspflicht, Streiks sind damit bis auf Weiteres ausgeschlossen. More Infos in Kürze.

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