Dr. Hayat Shamsuddin, Vice President for Art and Culture at Expo 2020 Dubai, confirmed that the World Expo is contributing to the enhancement of the UAE's position as a global cultural destination and a major incubator for talent and creators.

She added that the UAE leadership has a vision to make the country a cultural destination, a center of artistic mobility, and a meeting place for local and international talent.We are working to establish our current and future status based on our cultural and artistic assets.

Cultural aspect

Regarding the cultural aspect of Expo 2020 Dubai, Shamsuddin stressed that the World Expo is a global platform that enhances the interaction of communities and countries in anticipating a brighter and creative future, not only in Dubai, but in the Arab world as well.

She continued: «We are working on many of the incentive initiatives directed to all segments of the community and presented to different ages in most cultural and artistic areas, such as teaching the arts of film makeup, and show, and design fashion show and theatrical».

“We are developing this rich cultural program that will add a tangible artistic touch to Expo 2020 Dubai, and will provide a unique and exceptional experience for participants, originating from the world's cultures, arts and crafts, and we are keen to ensure that Expo is a starting point for this. The program will support and enhance the technical talent of the groups that will participate in it. ”

Atelier 2020

She continued: “We aim to continue this work for the legacy phase, which comes after the Expo 2020 Dubai, and comes after the global exhibition concluded agreements with both (London School of Makeup) and (Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation) “To design innovative special courses for students in the UAE (Atelier 2020), to qualify them for backstage careers in these two critical technical areas.”

Regarding Atelier 2020, Shamseddine said: “The establishment of these training programs to qualify students in the UAE, to enter the market of highly technical artwork, comes from our keenness to play our part in the establishment of a legacy that lasts long after the curtain on Expo 2020 Dubai. ), Our goal is to contribute to the rehabilitation and building of local competencies, and give them the skills and abilities they need, to prove their worth in an area progressing little by little in our country ».

Educational programs

She pointed out that these programs will serve the vision of making the country a cultural destination and a center of artistic mobility, and a meeting place for local and international talent.With the completion of three educational programs of eight weeks each, each student will graduate with a degree in cinematic and performing arts, and design of theatrical and performing arts.

As for the nature of these programs, she explained that the courses of makeup art organized by «London School of Makeup» are divided into the work of makeup for high fashion photography, fashion shows, in addition to the makeup of theater and special effects show.

The fashion courses, which are part of the Dubai Design Institute courses, focus on introducing visual learning skills and practicing the best creative methods. Students have the opportunity to design an integrated program that combines two of four disciplines: product design and media design. Multiplayer, fashion design, strategic management of design.

Dubai Design Institute

Regarding the Dubai Institute for Design and Innovation, and the London School of Makeup, Shamsuddin explained that the Dubai Institute for Design and Innovation is a private non-profit university dedicated to creativity and innovation accredited by the Ministry of Education in the UAE. Years. The student has a bachelor's degree in design, where he teaches a unique curriculum developed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the New Parsons College of Design.

She pointed out that «London College of Makeup» is a British college offers training courses for those who want to start a new career or upgrade their current career in the art of makeup.

Al Wasl Opera

Dr. Hayat Shams Al-Din, Vice President of Art and Culture at Expo 2020 Dubai, confirmed that the preparations are on schedule for Al Wasl Opera, whose music will be written and written by two Emirati artists, Mohammad Firouz and Maha Gargash, respectively.

The Al Wasl Opera will tell a UAE story that celebrates the country's rich cultural heritage, its impressive achievements to date and its aspirations for the future.

She pointed out that the opera will be performed in both Arabic and English, and will be a strong expression of the evolution of the art scene in the UAE and a major art event on the international scene.

She added that this work will be produced in cooperation with the famous «National Opera of Wales», and this artistic project contributes to the strengthening of the UAE's international status, and enrich its cultural balance, and enhance its heritage for future generations.