The tendency of the leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, to consider "preferred partners" to the parties on his left, is especially counterproductive in economic slowdown, as the presidents of the main business associations in the country agree to express to this newspaper.

Especially explicit is the president of the Businessmen's Circle, John de Zulueta. In his opinion, "the results of 10-N are worrisome for entrepreneurs, investors and Spanish families . " In his opinion, "any pseudo-progressive drift with United We Can and More Country [Iñigo Errejón's party] will lead us to more spending, deficit and unemployment (...) raising taxes and expenses is the wrong path at this time of the fall of the economy".

Zulueta, whose association includes 200 companies in the country, including the main ones of the Ibex, argues that an unprecedented solution in Spain is better: "We must seek stability with a German agreement with PSOE and PP" . And both big parties should have a strong argument, in their opinion: "It is urgent to reduce unemployment from its current level of 3.18 million."

During the election night, Sánchez was inclined to «a progressive government» forged «with responsibility» and the PSOE Organization Secretary, José Luis Ábalos, has ruled out «the great coalition». Both Zulueta and the CEO of CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, do not expressly defend this newspaper the great coalition, but some kind of understanding between the two great parties . One of the few formulas that would avoid pacts with independentistas and extreme parties would be that a PSOE more oriented to the center than until now and a new Citizens, forge a governance agreement with 130 deputies . If that agreement implied an economic policy without tax increases and respect for the deficit, it could attempt the abstention of the PP and Navarra Suma, sufficient to ensure the investiture of the socialist candidate without Pablo Casado leaving his role as head of the opposition. Business sources said yesterday that it could be a way of unlocking, despite its complexity.

Another important business leader who asks not to be cited shows deep concern to this newspaper: "The election result is a disaster . " «Citizens and PSOE wasted a great opportunity after the April elections. It is tremendous how PP and Citizens did not care to throw the PSOE into the hands of Podemos and the independentistas, ”he criticizes, although he also reproaches that Pedro Sánchez did not move more to try to obtain the abstentions of Pablo Casado and the already fallen Albert Rivera.

For his part, the CEOE CEO, Antonio Garamendi, also affirms to this newspaper that it is time for state pacts between the two great parties and achieve "a moderate government." «Entrepreneurs want responsibility and moderation which means budgetary rigor and economic orthodoxy».

"It is necessary that PSOE and PP sit down to talk and reach agreements to avoid the extremes and instability of other elections," says Garamendi before embarking on a trip to Cuba with the King.

Garamendi says he does not want to "enter into acronyms" of the parties that must be part of the Government or expressly request a large coalition, but he does call "cross-cutting agreements such as in Germany and other countries." Garamendi already declared on April 29 to this newspaper that PP and Citizens should facilitate governing the PSOE with conditions and regrets the low echo that had: "It has been a missed opportunity."

For the Basque businessman, "we must leave Groundhog Day" and stresses that the economic slowdown requires special responsibility "to the governing parties."

"We can't keep going around the roundabout," says a government in weeks.

Garamendi also issued a joint statement with the president of Cepyme, Gerardo Cuerva. "CEOE and CEPYME want to show their respect for the outcome of the general elections of this Sunday, November 10 and ask the political parties called to govern maximum responsibility and transverse vision in order to form a stable and moderate government as soon as possible ", they affirm.

«Companies and Spanish society cannot afford new elections and need, from budgetary rigor and economic orthodoxy, to advance pending reforms, prioritizing training, innovation and digitalization, pensions, internationalization, the promotion of sustainability, more competitive taxation, market unity and industrialization, as we have already transferred to all political forces in recent days », the main business representatives of the country emphasize.

In his opinion, "it is the moment of great responsibilities and of making decisions in the hands of the social dialogue , the channel through which the next legislative initiatives must go in search of the greatest possible consensus".

One of the main members of CEOE, the Catalan employer Foment, wanted to issue his own statement offering collaboration. Its president, former Unió deputy, Josep Sanchez Llibre, can play an important role between Sánchez and the independence leaders. According to Foment's statement, "it is already urgent that all political forces show an attitude of responsibility and commitment to facilitate the governance of Spain in the context of parliamentary fragmentation."

According to the main employer of Catalonia “it is essential that the most voted party seeks alliances that allow a stable and moderate State Government to be formed to also promote concerted reforms between the Executive and the economic and social agents to favor business competitiveness and economic growth ».

«We offer all our collaboration before the new political scenario in which more than ever moderation and the pact is essential. In this sense, Foment appeals to the urgency of constituting a government and facilitating a Budget Law that gives stability and rigor to the new government, ”he concludes.

Another CEOE CEO, the president of the National Federation of Associations of Autonomous Workers (ATA), Lorenzo Amor, believes that it is "of responsibility" for the country that the PP refrain from facilitating a PSOE government just like this party did in 2016. «If the abstention of the PSOE provided by a PP Government in 2016 was a responsibility for the country, it is also a responsibility to abstain from the PP now that it facilitates a PSOE government . To think otherwise is not to be precisely responsible, ”said Amor in a statement.

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