From next year, parents with children under the age of 18 who are studying will still be entitled to child benefit and the child-related budget, the AD writes Saturday morning. Coalition parties VVD, CDA, D66 and ChristenUnie have reached an agreement and allocate 54 million euros to put the deal into practice.

The government parties want to pay for the measure by not increasing the child benefit amounts in 2020. 320.41 euros would be paid per quarter, but that amount now stands at 316.41 euros.

Parents are currently not entitled to an additional financial contribution if, for example, their children receive student finance when they are following a college or university education. If the students earn too much from an internship or part-time job, the extra money will also be thwarted.

Families were previously compensated by the basic grant when the child benefit was stopped. Since the introduction of the loan system, the scholarship is no longer a gift, but students have to take out a loan for it.

The VVD speaks of a "crooked situation" that is being corrected. With the deal, parents of around 38,000 children would soon be able to count on a contribution of more than 1,250 euros per year. If the family has a relatively lower income, they will receive an extra amount in the form of the child-related budget.


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