Hailstorms, heat, drought and heavy rainfall ensure that the insurance premiums for home insurance in the Netherlands rise. Combined building and home insurance policies cost consumers 25 percent more in the last four years. This is according to research from comparison site Independer.

At the request of the Argos radio program, Independer investigated the premiums for household insurance and 'package insurance', a home insurance in combination with a home insurance.

There has been a clear rise in both premiums since 2015, insurance expert Suzan Samson told Argos, and in particular in the last two years.

Changing again, the main cause of premium increases

The home insurance premiums have risen by 13 percent since 2015 and the package insurance premiums by 25 percent, according to Samson.

"If you look at what insurers give as reasons, you can see very clearly that the increasing claims burden due to changing weather conditions is the main cause of those premium increases."

According to the Association of Insurers, the insurance industry pays out an average of 360 million euros in damages per year as a result of 'bad weather', considerably more than the 250 million mentioned in a 2017 Association report.

Hailstorm of 600 million

Spokesman Oscar van Elferen: "That is an average. But if you take the hailstorms of 2016, for example, insurance companies will lose 600 million euros in one day." household effects, because otherwise they will no longer be able to bear the claim burden Van Elferen does not make any statements about the exact percentages, that information is sensitive to competition.