A recent report by the Dubai Commercial Registration and Licensing Sector showed that 246,737 Indian businessmen have 64,360 active business licenses in the emirate of Dubai. In a statement today, the Dubai Economic Department confirmed that the commercial activities account for the largest percentage of the licenses of the owners of establishments from India by 49.9 thousand licenses (77.5%) and their number in this activity reached 212.5 thousand individuals, followed by professional activities by 13.03 thousand licenses (30.15 thousand individuals) In addition to 1404 industrial licenses (4042 individuals) and 19 tourist licenses (42 individuals). Indian companies have added 854,234 jobs to the labor market.

India is one of the most prominent and most economical partners with the Emirate of Dubai and the UAE in general, and there is a long history of medical results and strong ties between the two countries.
The figures show that Dubai is one of the favorite destinations for Indian businessmen because of the emirate's strategic location and diverse economy.It is one of the many features that enabled it to become a center of attraction for businessmen from all over the world, in addition to its many advantages and countless business opportunities.
Dubai has also been at the forefront of its regional environment through a secure environment for living, working, investing and a diversified economic climate that will attract all business sectors, promising growth activities and new industries.