Shell and Rabobank were the last two parties to make a serious offer for the acquisition of energy company Eneco this week. This puts the largest company in the Netherlands and the most important company in the Netherlands opposite each other, writes De Telegraaf.

Energy company Eneco is now owned by 44 municipalities, and the only remaining party is the race for the acquisition of Rabobank and Shell is Japan's Mitsubishi. That company does not have a serious chance, according to De Telegraaf. The company has a value of around 3 billion euros, and the winning bid must be known around Christmas, Het Financieele Dagblad wrote earlier.

Eneco is taken over from the 44 municipalities through a controlled auction. The bids arrive at representatives and shareholders, and these parties then consult with the rank and file. All 44 municipal councils will have to vote on it.

With the takeover, Oliereus Shell wants to work on a new image: not that of the oil giant, but precisely that of the electricity movement. The company wants to halve the amount of CO2 in its products. In this acquisition, they work together with pension investor PGGM.

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