The Ministry of Economy reported that it withdrew and recovered 216,868 defective goods and products during the first nine months of this year from the state markets, including

167,516 commodities and products during the third quarter of this year.

The recovery report issued by the ministry showed yesterday that the share of cars in total withdrawals fell for the first time, to constitute only 21.5% of withdrawals compared with 80 to 95% of total withdrawals previously.

In detail, the Ministry of Economy announced that it had withdrawn and retrieved 216,868 defective goods and products during the first nine months of this year, from the state markets, through 76 cases of service, maintenance and safety recall.

The recovery report, issued by the ministry yesterday, showed that the third quarter of this year recorded the withdrawal and recovery of 167 thousand and 516 goods and defective products from the local market, distributed between 35 thousand and 995 cars, including the withdrawal of 19 thousand and 318 cars for safety purposes, and 14 thousand and 402 cars from During service campaigns, 2275 vehicles for maintenance purposes.

The report pointed out that the withdrawals included a new commodity being withdrawn for the first time from the markets of the State, are the loudspeakers, of which 131,395 units were withdrawn, as well as the withdrawal of 126 batteries made of «lithium».

For the first time, the share of cars in withdrawals has declined since its inception, accounting for only 21.5 percent of withdrawals, up from 80 to 95 percent in all previous withdrawals. Withdrawals of loudspeakers accounted for 77.5%, due to the large number of devices withdrawn, and batteries accounted for about 1% of the total withdrawals.

Dr. Hashem Al-Nuaimi, Director of Competition and Consumer Protection at the Ministry of Economy, said in a press statement yesterday that «the ministry attaches great importance to the summons operations, within the framework of protecting the health and safety of consumers in the country, and reduce fraud and misleading, and ensure consumer rights to protection from Products, which are potentially at risk. ”

Al-Naimi stressed that «the Ministry follows up the recovery of food and consumer goods on a daily basis, through the Internet and various media, where it notifies the centers and agents, sellers and importers of those goods to withdraw them from the market immediately, in case of any defect.