The number of Dutch people in the so-called 'nine-zeros club' rose to a record high of 37 in 2019, according to the Quote 500 on Monday.

The newest entry in the list is Remon Vos, CEO of the largest Czech project developer CTP. Vos comes in at number 19, with an estimated assets of 1.5 billion euros.

The biggest climber on the billionaires list is Elastic founder Steven Schuurman. His company develops software to search large data files. The company includes eBay, Uber and Ticketmaster among its customers. Elastic went to the New York Stock Exchange last year. As a result, Schuurman's assets grew by 307.4 percent to 1.1 billion euros.

Piet Vroon relatively lost most of his assets. The owner of Rederij Vroon dropped the fastest and took place 145 on the Quote 500 list. The shipping company saw its assets shrink by 49.1 percent to 280 million euros. His shipping company is not doing well: the company suffered a loss of more than 600 million euros in the last three years.

Well-known names in the top five

Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken is just like last year the richest Dutchman. The daughter of the deceased beer brewer Freddy Heineken is worth around 14.2 billion euros, her assets increased again, this year by just under 11 percent.

Second place is also filled by the same person as last year: Randstad founder Frits Goldschmeding. This while he saw his assets decrease by 8.3 percent to 4.4 billion euros.

The top three are completed by the heirs of real estate developer Dik Wessels, Gérita and Inge Wessels. The two together are worth around 3.6 billion euros. Quote 500-stars John de Mol (2.7 billion) and Ralph Sonnenberg (2.6 billion) take fourth and five.

The five richest Dutch people

  • Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken - 14.2 billion euros
  • Frits Goldschmeding - 4.4 billion euros
  • Gérita and Inge Wessels - 3.6 billion euros
  • John de Mol - 2.7 billion euros
  • Ralph Sonnenberg - 2.6 billion euros

DJ Tiësto, Mino Raiola and Mabel van Oranje-Nassau are a big plus

Quote-500 also always makes a separate list of wealthy Dutch people. On it are famous Dutch people like DJ Tiësto (real name Tijs Verwest), who saw his assets grow by 14.3 percent to 160 million euros.

It was also a good year for Mabel van Oranje-Nassau. Due to the success of payment company Adyen, the princess is now worth 290 million euros, an increase of almost 21 percent. Soccer broker Mino Raiola now holds 120 million. Thanks to transfers from top talent Matthijs de Ligt and the Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku, his assets grew by 9.1 percent.

The richest families are again C&A family Brenninkmeijer (22.5 billion euros), the Van der Vorm family of investment fund HAL (8.5 billion euros) and the De Rijcke family (Kruidvat / investment company De Hoge Dennen) with 2.2 billion euros. The Van Oranje-Nassau family is number twelve with a capital of one billion euros.