Consumption tax increase for 1 month Remarks from the ministers of related ministries and agencies: November 1, 11:20

One month since the consumption tax rate was raised to 10%. Summary of statements from the ministers of related ministries on the morning of the 1st.

Finance Minister “No noticeable confusion”

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Aso told reporters after the morning morning meeting about the impact of the reduced tax rate introduced in connection with the 10% increase in the consumption tax rate on the site of consumption. We have not received any reports, but we need to continue smooth implementation. "

The reporter asked if the final tax return would be complicated. “There are some cases where accounting can be done by machine, and there are some cases where it is possible to do it. I would like to deal with it in a meticulous manner through free consultations by tax accountants, "and expressed the idea of ​​supporting the business operations of business operators.

Economy Minister “Points are being awarded smoothly”

One month after the start of the cashless payment point reduction system accompanying the increase in the consumption tax rate, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry at a press conference after the cabinet meeting, Assuming that the store has already been registered, he said, “There are about 300,000 stores waiting to register for applications, and points are being awarded smoothly.”

In addition, Mr. Hatakeyama said that there was a shortage of 188.6 billion yen prepared in this year's budget as a cost for the return of the government, “I think there is an upside and downside, but respond flexibly and flexibly "And will reiterate the idea of ​​seeking additional financial measures if necessary.

Economic Revitalization “Decrease in consumption is not as high as last time”

Regarding the fact that one month has passed since the consumption tax rate was raised to 10%, the Minister of Economic Revitalization Nishimura showed that the decline in consumption due to the increase was less than the previous five-year tax rate increase. Clarified the idea of ​​looking closely at trends.

The minister in charge of economic revitalization Nishimura said at the press conference after the cabinet meeting about the impact of the consumption tax rate increase. “The consumption trend after the tax rate increase will be analyzed in detail, including sales data, and interviews from economic groups will also hear All in all, we are aware that the overall decline in consumption after the increase is not as high as last time. "

On the other hand, Nishimura said, “Some voices are worried about the future of consumer sentiment. Consumer sentiment is very important, and we will continue to pay close attention to the impact of business sentiment on consumption.” , The idea of ​​carefully watching the trends in consumption.