District 2020's vision is to become a mixed-use and innovative environment in the heart of Dubai, contributing directly to the growth of the innovation economy and attracting the largest organizations, start-ups and families to live and work with, under the slogan: 'The Forum for Communication, Innovation and Innovation'.

After the six months of Expo 2020 Dubai, District 2020 will become a smart and sustainable global destination, retaining the spirit of the World Expo.

District 2020 supports the UAE's vision of sustainable economic development and focuses on driving growth in key sectors including travel and tourism, logistics and transport, education, construction, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data and augmented reality.

District 2020 is an integrated area designed to provide an ideal balance between harmony, communication and social life.It features a smart, targeted infrastructure designed to meet the needs of future employees and residents. Social attraction.

80% of the Expo 2020 Dubai site will be reused, while preserving iconic facilities, including Al Wasl Square, Terra - Children and Science Center, Dubai Exhibition Center and three major areas, as well as infrastructure and digital.

The development will take place in phases and, once completed, will be home to 145,000 residents and employees. District 2020 will maintain a floor space of over 2.5 million square feet available to third-party companies to develop residential, commercial, hotel, educational and mixed-use spaces.

District 2020 will include Siemens AG's global logistics headquarters and other large corporate tenants.

It will be a comprehensive community with green spaces open to residential and commercial uses, social and cultural platforms, educational facilities, hospitality, retail, food and beverage facilities.

District 2020 will be ready to live in October 2021, six to nine months after re-employment and conversion from Expo 2020 Dubai.

- "District 2020" will become a global destination

Sustainable, retaining the spirit of the World Expo.

- District supports the UAE's vision for development

Sustainable economic.

- (Project) drives growth in the travel sectors

Logistics, education and the Internet of Things

And artificial intelligence.