Decrease in delivery Yamato deficit Increase in labor costs Lower handling volume due to price increase October 31 22:09

Yamato Holdings, a major courier company, had a net loss of 3.4 billion yen in the interim financial results up to September. Increased hiring of drivers increased personnel costs, but the impact of the increased tariffs caused the amount of cargo handled to fall below the plan.

According to the announcement made by Yamato Holdings and the interim financial results up to September, operating revenues increased by 1.4% compared with the same period of the previous year to 80.1 billion yen, but the final profit / loss was , The previous year's 9.9 billion yen surplus fell to 3.4 billion yen deficit.

It is the first time in two years that Yamato's interim results have been in the red.

This is because labor costs have increased due to increased hiring to reduce the burden on drivers, while the handling volume of packages has fallen below the plan due to the increase in delivery charges contracted by operators such as online shopping Sounded.

For this reason, we have revised down our earnings forecast throughout the year, and expect the final profit to be 32.0 billion yen, 15.8% lower than the August forecast.

Mr. Kenichi Shibasaki, vice president, said at the press conference, “I want to improve the quality of services, increase the number of users, and restore the amount handled.”