The Google parent company Alphabet achieved a turnover of 40.5 billion dollars last year (around 36.5 billion euros). The company announced this in its quarterly figures (pdf).

Alphabet sales increased by 20 percent compared to the same period a year earlier. At the time, sales amounted to $ 33.7 billion. Analysts had predicted $ 40.3 billion in revenue in advance, so the company was slightly above 40.5 billion.

Although sales increased, the company's net profit decreased. This amount comes to 7.1 billion dollars. In the third quarter of 2018, a net profit of $ 9.2 billion was recorded. Investors find the Google after-market share worth 2 percent less, possibly due to the lower earnings per share.

Turnover from advertising revenues, for example from services such as YouTube and the search engine, again increased. This part of Alphabet is still the most important source of income for the company. The amount of this department amounts to 33.9 billion dollars compared to 29 billion last year.

Revenues from the 'other' category also increased. This includes the subsidiary Waymo, which makes self-driving cars, and the department where the Pixel telephones are produced. The category generated a total of $ 6.43 billion. Last year these departments together accounted for $ 4.64 billion.