The former boss of the IMF takes on Monday her new role at the head of the ECB. The task looks daunting.

This is the big day for Christine Lagarde. The former boss of the IMF takes Monday the head of the European Central Bank. A ceremony is planned in Frankfurt, at the headquarters of the institution, in the presence of Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel or the Italian president. And the mission promises to be difficult for the first woman to access this position.

"The job is not going to be easy"

"The job of Christine Lagarde is not going to be easy," predicts a great French banker. Because the economic situation in Europe is tense: signs of slowing down, especially in Germany, are being felt. The predecessor of Christine Lagarde, Mario Draghi, nicknamed "Super Mario", has also prepared the ground. Taking some of the short, he announced some very strong measures to try to support growth in recent months. "He surely wanted to help Christine Lagarde," notes a good connoisseur of the ECB. "Like that, she has six quiet months to get into the job."

"When we did the IMF, we can do everything"

Because indeed, Christine Lagarde will have to convince. This is the first that does not come from the world of finance and banking. It will also have to face the Germans and the countries of the north, which increasingly oppose European support policies. But those who know her are confident. "Each time, she demonstrated an ability to adjust according to the positions she occupies," says a renowned economist. "I think it's an excellent choice," says another. "When we did the IMF we can do everything," confirms a French minister. If Christine Lagarde does not lack experience, she will have to prove very quickly that she holds the reins.