The Dutch Public Prosecution Service (OM) suspects three Surinamese banks and five money exchange offices of involvement in money laundering, the AD writes Saturday. The Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS), the Surinaamsche Bank, Finabank and Hakrinkbank allegedly wrote that in a press release on Friday.

The newspaper writes that the banks have observed the accusation from the Netherlands in astonishment.

Dutch customs officers intercepted more than 19 million euros sent from Suriname last year in May for suspicion of money laundering. The money was to be transported on behalf of the CBvS and had to be exchanged for US dollars, the NOS writes .

The banks say they "fully cooperated" in the investigation that was started after seizing the money shipment. In 2018 nobody was considered a suspect.

The banks assumed that possible folds would be smoothed out and that the "non-illegal" shipment of money could go ahead.

"Surinamese economy is being seriously damaged"

However, after that time, more money submissions were stopped, as a result of which the Surinamese economy is "considerably harmed", according to the banks. For example, there would have been a shortage of American dollars in the Surinamese banking world. In addition, the euro fell in value.

The seizure of 19 million euros is still being challenged by the CBvS. A Dutch judge will handle the case on November 5, according to the NOS.

Spokespersons for the Central Bank of Suriname, Surinaamsche Bank and Finabank were not available for comment on Friday evening.


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