The number of unemployed in category A has slightly decreased in France in the third quarter of 2019 to reach 3.617 million job seekers, according to the figures of Pôle emploi.

The number of job seekers category A (without any activity) fell by 0.4% in the third quarter of 2019, bringing to 3.617 million the number of unemployed throughout France, according to figures released Friday by Pôle emploi. A slight decrease similar to that of the previous quarter. Over one year, the decline is 2.4%.

By integrating the unemployed of category B and C, those who had a professional activity, the total number of jobseekers decreased a little more clearly, of 0.9%, that is to say 5,836 million people and a decrease of 2% over a year.

Unemployment in decline among seniors, rising among young people

The decline is more marked for people enrolled in Pôle emploi in category C, ie those who worked more than 78 hours per month. Their number is down 2.4% this quarter.

This decline is not homogeneous according to age classes. For category A, unemployment is down by 0.3% among older people over 50 but up 0.7% among young people under 25 years. Finally, long-term unemployment is down: the registered (A, B and C) for over a year are down 0.8% (-0.4% over one year). This represents 2,628 million people.