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The UN Security Council. Manuel ELIAS / UNITED NATIONS / AFP

The UN Security Council met on Thursday (October 24th) to take stock of the humanitarian situation in Syria, particularly in the north-east, where the Turkish offensive took place until the cease-fire. two days, and Idleb. Guests to express themselves around the 15 members of the Council: a regular, Syria, and for the first time, Turkey.

From our correspondent in New York , Carrie Nooten

For once, the members of the Security Council seemed to agree on the Syrian issue : they all called for unhindered humanitarian access in northern Syria. And all, including Russia, rejoiced to see the beginning of a political solution emerge as the Constitutional Committee for Syria will meet in a few days in Geneva.

It was during the last hour of meeting that everything became tense: the Syrian representative strongly denounced Turkey's aggression against his country, and called for the withdrawal of all illegitimate foreign forces from Syria. Following which the Turkish ambassador to the UN wanted to " restore the truth " about the operation "Source of peace": for Ankara, it was a " limited operation of the fight against terrorism ", and in no way an aggression against Damascus.

He also took the opportunity to attack European countries facing the thorny issue of returning jihadist fighters : if he claimed that Turkey would guard the prisoners captured and monitored by the Kurds, he also hammered out that the only lasting solution was for them to be repatriated to their countries of origin.

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