Keidanren Chairman asked the Prime Minister of Korea to improve politics and diplomatic relations October 24 18:37

South Korea's Prime Minister Lee Na Kyung talked with Keidanren Chairman Nakanishi and other representatives of the Japanese business community on the 24th, and Mr. Nakanishi continued dialogue with the business community no matter what the situation between Japan and Korea He then called for efforts to improve political and diplomatic relations.

This round-table conference was held at a hotel in Tokyo at the request of the Korean government, and Keidanren Chairman Nakanishi and Chairman Sasaki of Japan-Korea Economic Association attended from the Japanese side.

In this, South Korean Prime Minister Lee Na Kyung said that the two countries' governments should squeeze out their wisdom and solve the worsening relations between Japan and South Korea. I want to be a starting point to start the relationship. "

On the other hand, Mr. Nakanishi said, “Japan and Korea share a parts supply network, the so-called supply chain, and have a very important relationship. For economic development, it is very important that politics and diplomacy are intimate. I want you to make an effort for improvement. "

The influence of the Japanese market has been spreading due to the deterioration of Japan-Korea relations, and there has been an impact on the economic field. At the round-table conference on the 24th, Japan and Korea should build new relations and tackle common issues. It means that opinions such as

After the meeting, Mr. Nakanishi told reporters, “There is no choice but to accumulate dialogue. Today ’s talk has become a very positive one, with a future-oriented approach.”