In a year, insurers have discovered around 82 million euros in insurance fraud. A total of 12,879 insurance frauds were recorded, compared to 11,540 in 2017, the NOS writes Wednesday on the basis of figures from the Center for Combating Insurance Crime (CBV).

Despite the increase in the number of people who ran into the lamp, fewer unnecessary premiums were discovered. In 2017, all insurance fraud was good for the record amount of 101 million euros.

A team of nearly five hundred investigators is said to be investigating fraudsters every day. According to them, there is a lot of lying about car, household and liability insurance. An algorithm helps the research team to distinguish between all submitted claims.

In conversation with the broadcaster, a CBV spokesperson said that people are very willing to commit fraud. An example is a dentist who amputated his finger to get a disability benefit. His insurer was told that it had happened due to an accident.

According to the CBV, it is impossible to know how much fraud is actually committed. "There are also fraud cases that are unlikely to be investigated".