Following the government's recommendation for a liquid e-cigarette 'user system' last month, the government strongly recommended 'stop use'.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare held a briefing on a liquid e-cigarette safety management plan at the Seoul government office on May 23 and told them to stop using it until the epidemic of liquid e-cigarettes is verified.

In particular, children, adolescents, pregnant women, people with respiratory diseases, and non-smokers should never use liquid e-cigarettes.

Adolescents who are currently smoking liquid e-cigarettes told us to stop using them immediately. This measure is based on 1,479 cases of severe lung injury and 33 deaths related to the use of liquid e-cigarettes in the United States on the 15th (local time). .

30 suspected patients in Korea smoked cigarettes and used liquid e-cigarettes within the last six months.

There was an abnormality in the chest image, but a bacterial or viral infection test was negative.

The patient has been discharged from the hospital.

Minister Park Welfare said, "Lung damage and death cases have been reported in recent years related to the use of liquid e-cigarettes in the United States, and similar suspicions have been reported in Korea." We strongly recommend that you discontinue use. "

● Establish legislation such as mandatory submission of tobacco ingredients and prohibition of addition of flavored substances

The Ministry of Health and Welfare has also introduced secondary measures for the safety management of related electronic cigarettes.

The government also tried to establish a legal basis for strengthening the management system.

First of all, tobacco is currently viewed only as a product made from tobacco leaves, but in the future, we will expand the definition to include nicotine products extracted from tobacco stems and roots.

It is compulsory for cigarette manufacturers and importers to submit information such as ingredients and additives contained in cigarettes and cigarette smoke, and to prohibit the addition of fragrances which incense to teenagers and women to start smoking easily.

However, all of these have limitations in that they can only be passed through the 'Expansion of Tobacco Assignment', the 'Obligation to Submit and Dispose of Tobacco Toxic Ingredients', and the Prohibition of Addition of Fragrance Substances.

In addition, criticism that the recommendation for discontinuance was not based on voluntary efforts by users, but did not proceed to product collection or sales ban even in the controversy of risk.

In response, the Ministry of Health and Welfare will revise the National Health Promotion Act to prohibit the collection or sale of products if they adversely affect public health, such as causing youth smoking.

In addition, we plan to complete the investigation of the association between liquid e-cigarette hazards and lung damage.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety analyzes seven harmful components such as 'THC' (tetrahydrocannabinol) and vitamin E acetate, which are the main ingredients that cause hallucinations, in liquid e-cigarettes to establish scientific basis for product recovery and prohibition of sales. To be completed.

A joint public-private investigation team, including the Korea Centers for Disease Control and the Korean Tuberculosis and Respiratory Society, will investigate the cases of severe lung injuries among emergency department and respiratory physicians, and further secure suspected cases by obtaining additional suspicions. I did it.

● Enhance crackdowns on unauthorized equipment modification and youth sales

Enhance liquid e-cigarette safety management and customs clearance of nicotine liquid import.

We will also strengthen the crackdown and promote illegal sales.

Relevant ministries such as the Ministry of Strategy and Finance plan to request manufacturers and importers to submit information on ingredients, including THC and vitamin E acetate, in accordance with the Basic Product Safety Act and the Consumer Basic Act.

In order to prevent safety accidents such as e-cigarette device explosions, we will focus on cracking down on unauthorized e-cigarette device distribution and illegal battery distribution, and we will take criminal charges against violators of the law.

If the content of nicotine is more than 1%, documents for import declaration of toxic substances should be provided. For the case of stem and root nicotine, the customs clearance procedure will be strengthened to submit supporting data such as manufacturing permit of the exporting country.

Nicotine imported into overseas jobs or express freight is excluded from simple customs clearance, and on-site inspection of products coming from illegal suspected overseas sites is also reinforced.

The Korea Customs Service established a cooperative system with overseas consulates such as consulates in export countries such as China and the United States to verify nicotine liquid producers, exporters, and manufacturing processes. And tax screening.

We will strengthen the crackdown on the sale of liquid e-cigarettes for teenagers and actively inform the youth about the dangers of using liquid e-cigarettes through education offices and schools.

Mr. Park said, "We will actively cooperate to ensure that the bills for strengthening tobacco safety management pending in the National Assembly are promptly processed." "We will do everything possible for the relevant ministries, including strong recommendation for discontinuance, until the law is amended." Stressed.