Heineken has adjusted its profit forecast for 2019 from around 5 percent growth downwards to around 4. The originally Dutch brewer also sees a decline in home sales of around 5 percent in the third quarter.

In Western Europe as a whole there has been growth, of 1.6 percent in total. A contraction was expected here. The United Kingdom, France and Italy contributed to the growth with an increase in consumption. In contrast, no growth was achieved in Spain and a shrinkage of around 5 percent was achieved in Poland.

Substantial growth was achieved for Heineken in Asia, with a plus of 13.9 percent in the third quarter. This makes it the area with the highest growth rates.

The overall profit expectation of the beer maker was partly lower due to higher packaging costs, which already appeared to have an effect in the first two quarters. Sales of budget beers have also shrunk due to a price increase.