Kwon Ae-ri's friendly economy starts. Gwon, are there any government actions and announcements to watch this week?


Yes. The decision to extend the pre-sale cap to private apartments will pass the cabinet meeting tomorrow morning.

Changes made at this time do not have to go through the National Assembly because they only need to change the enforcement decree under the law. The government decides.

If we pass the State Council tomorrow, it will go through the process and begin to be implemented by the end of this month and next week.

This cap is not applicable to all apartments. Among the 31 speculative districts, including 25 districts in Seoul, we will pick up areas where soaring house prices and the need to apply a cap on the sale price, like so-called tweezers.

For example, I live in building A. The upper limit of the sale price is applied in my neighborhood, and the apartment in the building in the neighboring neighborhood may not be applied.

The government will open a housing policy deliberation committee with about half of the government's personnel, and will decide and announce exactly which neighborhoods will be sold by early November.


What part is it? I'm curious about that part.


Yes. So-called Gangnam, Seocho, Songpa, and Gangdong-gu, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, will be designated as a significant area and what else will the interest be?

For now, in Seoul, Mapo, Yongsan, and Seongdong-gu, which are so-called Mayongseong, are highly likely to be seen. Other places such as Seodaemun, Dongjak-gu, and Gwacheon are also discussed.

However, if one does not apply comprehensively to a specific region, but decides whether or not to apply the upper limit on the sale price, the issue may arise.

A and B are nearby, but A has recently risen a lot and B has been raised a little, so only A has been designated as a new apartment. The presale price may be higher than A building, which is to be pushed to the ceiling.

If this reversal is visible, there will be room for dissatisfaction due to equity issues. So in areas where this controversy may arise, it is possible to simply apply an upper cap.

The government will pick out places where house prices have been rising in recent years, and where there is a lot of general pre-sale volume, and where there is a movement to build a building first and turn it into a pre-sale in order to get a higher sale price. Came out.


I think you should watch that part. And the third quarter of our economic growth breaking news will be announced this week again from July to September.


Yes. It's 24 days coming. The Bank of Korea announces on Thursday. Breaking news is 1 report. First calculation.

A few more revisions will be made regularly in the future, but anyway, we can see on Thursday the approximate level of growth in the third quarter, which roughly outlines our economic report this year.

However, if we do not grow at least 0.6, 0.7% continuously in the third quarter, which is announced on Thursday, it will be difficult to achieve 2% growth in this year.

The number 2% is considered psychologically important in the market in Korea, since the 1960s, only three times the annual growth rate has not exceeded 2%.

Only three times in the 1980s, after the oil crisis, in 1998 when the IMF financial crisis came in, and in 2009 just after the financial crisis.

But in the first quarter of this year -0.4% compared to the same period last year. Negative growth and 1% growth in Q2.

So it's going to be 2% for the third and fourth quarters, 0.6 ~ 0.7. The government's forecast for this year's economic growth rate, 2.4-2.5%, released in July was a difficult goal to achieve. I said I would do it.

This is 2 ~ 2.1%. He also stated that he would mobilize policies to achieve this growth.

But if the third quarter announced on Thursday is low, there's really nothing pointed out in the fourth quarter. Soaring is difficult.

Once we decided not to expand the US-China trade conflict, it is not yet resolved and various conditions are not easy. So we are interested in how much we've done in the third quarter on Thursday's announcement.