Wednesday's friendly economy, Kwon Ae-ri reporter. Reporter Kwon, interest in subscription accounts used for apartment sales is increasing. Recently, one in two Koreans have subscription accounts?


Yes, 25 million people are registered. The subscription account has been a passbook for people who dream of getting a home, but the popularity has been hot in recent years.

Hana Financial Management Research Institute has gathered the situation, and especially in these days, it was last June that the sale of the upper limit on the sale price was announced.

Since then, the sign-up rate, which had been decreasing for about three months, has increased again, especially in Seoul, which has soared from July.

It seems that there were some people who joined the group, expecting that the presale price ceiling would be applied to the so-called popular areas, which would be much cheaper than the surrounding prices.


These days, there are a lot of subscribers for underage subscriptions.


Yes. If you look at the current situation, subscription has a bonus system. The higher your score, the more likely you are to win. If you have a longer passbook, you will receive more points, so there are a lot of people who keep your child's passbook.

By age, now, 35.5% of all teenagers in Korea have more than one in three.

Interestingly, the enrollment rate for those under the age of 10 was higher than that of the teenagers, which 42.4% of all ages already had. This is really the case when your parents take care of it first.

So 38.7% of all minors, almost 40%, are already registered. However, in the current point system, the unconditional subscription period does not necessarily earn more points.

The minimum membership period is 2 years, no matter how long. There are quite a lot of people who say that the longer the vague, the longer the better.

If you have other places where you have to spend money, you should consider this. In terms of savings, in fact, subscription accounts are not a bad commodity at low interest rates these days. If you sign up for more than two years, the interest rate is about 1.8%.

But even if you prefer stable savings, there are quite a few ways you can find a higher interest rate than by saving your savings every year. So in terms of interest rates, you don't have to eat too much in advance.


Anyway, it's hard to live, so I can't take care of my children. Anyone from the beginning of the society who could not sign up for an account book would be sad anyway. When I thought about this.


Yes. Even if you are 25 years old when you get a job, you can get seven points in your store by the age of thirty.

That's why I want to tell you about the young people you join. If you have an adult child, you should remember this and talk to your children. There is a youth special offer savings that was released last year.

You can only make it from the age of 19, and if you are homeless with an annual income of less than 30 million won, you can join up to 34. This is up to 3.3%.

It's twice the price of a regular subscription product that's been over two years. This is a really good interest rate these days. And for the time being, low interest rates will continue.

Person who parents entered beforehand can change into this product after coming of age if condition is satisfied.

In addition, after analyzing the cancellation of subscription accounts at Hana Bank, there were some who were happy to win the subscription.

There are many people who couldn't keep up because they had to spend other money. In particular, the average monthly payments of those who cancel in the last three years have dropped to half the level for almost three years.

That's a good number of people who had to turn their savings somewhere else. So it seems better not to set too much money at the beginning.

For reference, as of this year, the average monthly payment for those who keep their subscription accounts is 143,000 won, and the average amount for those who cancel is 323,000 won.