The US media CNBC reveals this week the results of a surprising survey. Amazon would be concerned by the sale of several expired products.

In the United States, CNBC publishes a survey of the US platform Amazon, based on hundreds of comments, supplemented by data analysis by a specialized company. And the result is worrying for the American giant. Our columnist Axel de Tarlé tells us more.

"When you order on Amazon, 40% of sellers are selling damaged products Explanations: the majority of products offered for sale are not sold by Amazon but by third-party companies, SMEs, who take advantage of the marketplace of Amazon, to sell their goods, and we find everything, including fake.

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Bernard Arnault was Friday in Texas, with Donald Trump to inaugurate a new workshop Vuitton. And the boss of LVMH has officially complained to the US President of the counterfeit that is rife on Amazon. I did the test this morning again. You type Vuitton, on Amazon, and we immediately offer you a "beautiful" Vuitton bag sold ... 28 euros! Free shipping from China.

Yes, finally here .... Everyone suspects it is a "fake"! The buyer buys with full knowledge of the facts!

It's less innocuous than it seems. First, it damages the reputation of the brand. France is a country of great brand. Vuitton, L'Oreal, Michelin, Sanofi for drugs. This can, in addition, be dangerous for the consumer: when you buy fake drugs or false spare parts in the car, for example.

Anecdote: The Unifab, which is the association against counterfeiting - told me Monday that fake perfumes sold on the Internet had, in 90% of cases, as a preservative of animal urea. More specifically: it is pig urine. In short: you perfume - you will be polite - pee pig. Not to mention - Bernard Arnault told Donald Trump - that this traffic often finances terrorism. Just before the "Charlie Hebdo" attacks, the Kouachi brothers were arrested for a case of counterfeit Nike shoes. So many reasons, to fight against this scourge of counterfeiting ".