It is noted that their number increased from 74 to 110 people in mid-2019.

“Despite a modest level of wealth per capita of the adult population, the country is estimated to have 110 billionaires,” the survey said.

It is clarified that along with this the number of dollar millionaires has also increased - from 172 thousand to 246 thousand people.

According to analysts, 10% of the richest Russians control 83% of all personal wealth in the country. It is noted that in this indicator, Russia bypasses the United States (76%) and China (60%).

Previously, Forbes magazine ranked the 100 richest civil servants and deputies in Russia. Their total revenue in 2018 exceeded $ 1.1 billion.

In March, co-owner of Novatek Leonid Mikhelson was recognized as the richest Russian in the world ranking of Forbes billionaires.