On average, more money is available to Europeans this year, as a study by the market research company GfK shows. The average disposable income in the 42 countries surveyed was therefore 14,739 euros per capita. Together that makes about 10 trillion euros. Germany is unchanged in eighth place - with 23,779 euros net income on average.

By far, Liechtenstein is ahead. There, the disposable income is 67,550 euros per inhabitant. As in 2018, Switzerland comes in second with 42,067 euros. From fourth to third, according to the Gfk study, Luxembourg advanced, whose inhabitants spend or save an average of 35,096 euros in 2019. In fourth place was Iceland with a value of 32.988 euros displaced. The bottom is the Ukraine with only 1,830 euros net income per person.

The values ​​calculated by GfK relate to the nominal disposable income. That means they are not adjusted for inflation. The calculation is based on data from income tax statistics and government benefits as well as forecasts from the economic institutes.