The businessman and top shareholder of Dia, Mihail Fridman, who has declared Monday as investigated in the National Court, has been unmarked of the bankruptcy of the Zed technology group, participated by one of the companies in which he had a presence but over which he did not He had decision-making ability.

The Russian magnate, who has left the judicial headquarters without charges or precautionary measures, has been charged since August for alleged crimes against the market, unfair administration, punishable insolvency and corruption in business , after the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office located him at the origin of the insolvency of Zed, a company of the Pérez Dolset family.

According to the prosecutor, the employer, through "subordinates," would have led to the company's suffocation and then acquire it at a "ridiculous price," planning an illegal payment interruption strategy that triggered a total lack of liquidity that led to the Spanish company to collapse.

Zed's ties with the Russian date back more than a decade ago, although they would intensify later, in 2013, when the Pérez Dolset wanted to take it to the stock market in the Nasdaq Wall Street technology index.

To do this, the prosecutor's brief continues, they requested a credit line of 140 million euros from several financial institutions, one of which was Amsterdam Trade Bank, a subsidiary of Alfa Bank -controlled by Fridman-.

Given this, the businessman has claimed that he had no decision-making capacity in the Dutch entity, an independent bank in which his participation is retail.

Legal sources have explained that Fridman has referred to two other defendants in the case, Sergey Gorbuntsov and Vage Engibaryan, on which he has denied that they were his trusted men, although he has acknowledged that it was the second that put him in contact with the Zed founder Javier Pérez Dolset.

Dinners with Pérez Dolset

However, his relationship with the Spanish businessman was minimal, just five or six dinners and a few emails that he did not transfer to anyone.

Sources of his defense have reduced this relationship to "a couple of social events," and recalled that Fridman has never before been under investigation in a criminal proceeding, while Perez Dolset was held liable by the Dutch justice for improper management of Zed.

Likewise, he has refused to intervene in an alleged price alteration, since no offer to buy Zed was made by LetterOne , an investment fund controlled by the tycoon, nor did he launch any illegal siege plan to acquire the company. Spanish, as he is accused of Anticorruption.

His companies, he explained, never made a purchase offer for Zed.

Regarding the starting point of the case, the diversion of public funds by the Pérez Dolset , Fridman has dissociated himself from any responsibility since this corresponds to the administrators of Zed, as well as the possible crime.

Legal sources consulted have indicated that, despite not having imposed precautionary measures on Fridman, the Prosecutor's Office will support its continued investigation.

The magnate now has another pending case in the National Court , after the Supreme Court has decided that it is the central court of instruction No. 4 to investigate whether he acted through a "criminal corporate network" to cause the price of the actions of the DIA group and thus gain control of the company at a lower cost

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