In response to the increased import tariff that the US will charge on fifty European products from Friday onwards, Europe will "introduce over time" additional taxes for American products, says European Commissioner Cecilia Malmström.

"We regret the choice of the United States to continue with the rates," says Malmström. The US imports the additional import tariffs on European products because the European Union provided illegal support for years to the French aircraft manufacturer Airbus. But the US itself also violated the rules of the World Trade Organization by providing support to Boeing.

Last month, Malmström repeatedly urged the Americans for an agreement. According to her, increased import rates were not a solution. Now that the US is still going ahead with the tariffs, she says: "It leaves us no choice but to come up with counter tariffs in due course in the Boeing case, where the United States has also violated trade rules."

For Friday, fifty European products will be subject to an increased trade rate of 25 percentage points. Products with a total commercial value of 6.8 billion euros will be charged extra, including half of Dutch cheese exports to the US (with a value of around 39 million euros).

The export of Gouda cheese and Edam cheese is definitely not affected by the increased levies, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported Friday.

"Damage can only be estimated later"

"We don't really notice it yet, but it is of course annoying," says Onno Boersma of Gemzu branch association for dairy traders. "We will only be able to estimate how much the final damage will be much later."

The additional levies also apply to European cookies, whiskey, wine, lemons and mussels. Industrial machines from Germany and olive oil from Spain are hit extra hard by the measure. Just like the planes from France. For this, with the exception of military aircraft, 10 percent more must be paid.