G20 To discuss restrictions on crypto assets such as “Libra” October 18 21:12

The G20 = Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors' Meeting in Washington, which is held in Washington, will start on the 18th night of Japan time. At the meeting, it is expected that opinions will be exchanged on restrictions on cryptocurrency assets, such as "Libra", which are planned to be issued by Facebook in the United States.

The G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors' Meetings started on the morning of the 18th of Japan time, and the first day discussions showed a series of concerns that the global economic outlook could slow down further if trade frictions such as the US and China were prolonged. it was done.

On the 18th night of Japan time, the second day will begin, in which Facebook is expected to exchange opinions on dealing with crypto assets such as “Libra” which Facebook plans to issue next year.

Regarding Libra, G7 = financial ministers and central bank governors' meetings held in July have expressed strong concerns from countries that the sovereignty of currencies such as the dollar and yen and the financial system will be affected. And agreed on the need to meet the highest standards.

Since the G20 conference includes emerging countries, the focus will be on how far we can keep up with regulations.

Opinions will also be exchanged on new rules for taxing large IT companies that are profiting from cross-border data exchange.