The UAE's ICT sector has leapfrogged the global ranking from sixth to second place, according to the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report 2019, one of the most important global competitiveness reports that countries rely on to measure the performance of their sectors.

The report also measures the efficiency and competitiveness of the telecommunications sectors in the world through the ICT adoption axis, which includes a number of global competitiveness indicators that measure performance. Countries in this sector.

first place

The UAE remained the first in the world in the mobile broadband Internet subscriptions index, in addition to the second place in mobile subscriptions, and advanced to the fourth place in the fiber Internet subscriptions, and fifth place in the proportion of Internet users, and the country advanced 35 places in the index Fixed broadband subscriptions down to 27th place globally. The UAE also advanced from 25th to 2nd place globally in the Telecommunications Infrastructure Index, a global competitive index issued by the United Nations in 2019, surpassing many developed countries in the sector, reflecting the level of development of the telecommunications infrastructure in the UAE.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) said in a statement yesterday that it is working to reach the first place in this index, in order to achieve the goals of the national agenda to be the UAE in the world in the index of telecommunications infrastructure by 2021.

Cumulative stations

Hamad Obaid Al Mansouri, Director General of the TRA, said: “The achievements of the UAE in the global indicators are cumulative milestones towards the goal that we all seek, which is to achieve the country's leadership in the global arena in all fields, especially the telecommunications and information sector, because of its exceptional importance as a pillar. To progress in all sectors. ”

He stressed that the UAE is keen to create and provide advanced infrastructure capable of achieving the highest centers in the indicators of the telecommunications and information sector, as it works to create the atmosphere to accommodate advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence technologies and the Internet of Things, in order to reach the principle of sustainability and increase the happiness of society.

"Every achievement we make is a strong impetus for us to move forward and develop our policies and plans for further achievements," he added.

He continued: «Today we are in the first place in many indicators, but we must not forget that we have to do more in the rest of the indicators, and we in the UAE learned from our leaders not only satisfied with the first place».

Develop and update

Tariq Al Awadhi, Executive Director of the Spectrum Department and Chairman of the National Agenda Team, said: “The TRA continues to work with operators to raise the country's ranking in global competitiveness indicators by developing and modernizing the telecommunications infrastructure to raise the sector's readiness to meet The rapidly evolving communications technology needs to ensure the ease and speed of entry of modern technology into the country, especially as we are on the threshold of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which requires a readiness to keep pace with future technology, such as autonomous vehicles, robots, Blockchain, 3D printing, etc. ”

Global Competitiveness Report

The Global Competitiveness Report, first published in 1979, provides a comprehensive insight into the economic outlook of 141 economies, drawing on these findings to stimulate economic growth across countries, improving living standards.

The report explores the relationship between competitiveness, prosperity and environmental sustainability, and works to create more just societies that provide opportunities for a decent life for all to achieve sustainable development. The report reviews options for emerging and promising economies to achieve the three objectives of growth, inclusiveness and sustainability.

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