Dubai Startups, an initiative of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) to support entrepreneurship, has announced the renewal and launch of the Business Partnership Network program, which includes an annual membership of key companies wishing to find and adopt startup solutions, specialized training workshops throughout the year, and access to a segment. Bigger than startups.

The new business partnerships network includes the membership of seven major companies: MedClinic, Sanofi, Sumitomo Corporation, Accenture, Dubai South, Emirates Post Group and Emirates NBD. Through the network program, Dubai Startups will identify the challenges these companies face in the business environment, and introduce them to a number of startups that are members of Dubai Startups, which provide solutions to these challenges, as a prelude to bringing them together and helping them Establishing business partnerships that address these challenges.

She added that the new program also developed a smart platform within the network of business partnerships, where the main companies joining the program can register their interest in a particular area or challenge across the platform, to simplify and accelerate procedures, where the team will then identify startups able to provide solutions to the specific challenges faced by these Companies.

The chamber said that during the year there will be four events during which startups will present their solutions to the main companies within the program, which will provide a wider scope for the member companies in the program to identify their expected partners from startups, and work to sign future cooperation agreements.

Majid Saif Al Ghurair, Chairman of Dubai Chamber, emphasized the increasing global trend towards strengthening partnerships with startups, which has become one of the tools for finding solutions to challenges in the business environment, and considered that «Dubai Startups» is the main driver of the entrepreneurial strategy launched by the Chamber. Through its various initiatives and programs.

Al Ghurair pointed out that the Business Partnership Network program has made communication between key companies and startups simple and easy by providing an ideal platform for communication aimed at establishing fruitful business partnerships, pointing out that since its launch, the program has attracted 500 applications from startups and their counterparts from major companies.

“The new updates in the Business Partnership Network Program are a real sign of our commitment to achieve our goals of stimulating the entrepreneurial environment and fostering partnership among the various components of the business community,” said the Chairman of the Dubai Chamber. A wider range of innovative startups in their respective fields, as well as access to training and mentoring workshops for startups to develop their products and improve market opportunities. ”

Objective of the program

The Business Partnership Network program aims to connect various companies and institutions in the Emirate of Dubai with startups and SMEs, with the aim of creating profitable partnerships that achieve common goals.

The program is innovative to support entrepreneurship and startups by allowing them to work with reputable partners, gaining several advantages, including the acquisition of expertise and skills to develop their own projects.


Major companies joined the program.