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Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and Iranian President Hassan Rohani in Tehran, October 13, 2019. HO / Iranian Presidency / AFP

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has begun talks with Iranian officials to try to ease tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The objective: to avoid any destabilizing conflict for the countries of the region. He also added that he was trying to establish a channel of dialogue between Tehran and Washington.

With our correspondent in Tehran, Siavosh Ghazi

Iran will respond positively to any initiative to ease tensions in the region, said Iranian President Hassan Rohani after meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan . " We can solve the problems of the region through dialogue, " said Hassan Rohani.

Imran Khan, the Iranian president added, said the end of the war in Yemen could be a good start to solving the problems in the region. Tehran, which supports the Houthi rebels , denounces the daily bombardment of Saudi Arabia in Yemen.

" We do not want a conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran, " said the Prime Minister of Pakistan to justify his visit to Tehran. A conflict that could destabilize the entire region and increase poverty in all countries. Imran Khan is due to travel to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday to submit his proposals to Saudi leaders.

Causes of tension

If tensions are at their height between Tehran and Riyadh, it is not only because of missile attacks and drone aid against Saudi oil installations on September 14th. The attack on an Iranian oil tanker in the Red Sea this Friday, October 11 has also added to the tension.

Riyadh accused Tehran of being responsible for attacks on its facilities , yet claimed by Houthi rebels in Yemen. Hassan Rohani, he said that the investigation continues on the attack against the Iranian oil tanker in the Red Sea. " We have discovered early response, " added the Iranian president. No country should believe that it can cause insecurity without waiting for an answer. "

The American mission of Imran Khan

"When we were in New York, " Imran Khan recalled, " President Trump spoke to me and he hoped that we would facilitate a kind of dialogue between Iran and the United States. We discussed things in detail. I know there are challenges, but we will do all we can to facilitate this dialogue so that sanctions are lifted and a nuclear deal signed between the two countries. "