The Government of the United Arab Emirates and the Government of the Kingdom of Belize have signed an agreement on economic cooperation aimed at developing, enhancing and diversifying areas of mutual cooperation to serve the development aspirations and mutual benefits of the two countries.The agreement was signed by the representative of the UAE Government, Minister of Economy, Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri. Belize side, Minister of Economic Development, Oil, Investment and Trade of the Government of Belize, Hon Erwin Contreras.

According to the agreement, the main sectors of cooperation include: trade in goods and services, investment, transport, agriculture and food products, energy and renewable energy, industry and mining, infrastructure, construction and real estate, tourism, as well as any other areas in which the two countries agree to cooperate and meet their development plans. .

The agreement also stipulated the establishment of the joint economic committee between the two countries, to follow up the implementation of its provisions, coordinate bilateral work, remove any obstacles to cooperation efforts in the fields at hand, and push the partnership of the two countries to higher levels.

Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri said, “The agreement represents an important starting point for building a fruitful and sustainable partnership between the UAE and the Kingdom of Belize, in an important and vital group of sectors of common interest. Coming, to meet the aspirations of the two countries in economic development ».

He pointed out that the sectors umbrella, which is defined by the agreement, represents a vital and diversified base for initiating the cooperation efforts between the two countries, in accordance with a clear vision consistent with the economic agenda of the two countries, and their quest to diversify the economy and promote trade and investment activities in priority sectors.

He pointed out that the Central American countries and the entire Latin American region represent an increasingly important destination for the UAE, especially in the level of private sector partnerships and investments. This agreement with the Kingdom of Belize will enhance economic cooperation at the governmental level, as well as contribute to providing a window for Emirati companies to explore The opportunities offered by the markets of this friendly country to expand its commercial and investment activities. The agreement stipulates that the two parties shall cooperate in the exchange of experiences and information, identify regulations, laws, economic programs and business activities in each of them, identify obstacles to economic cooperation efforts and work to overcome them, and explore opportunities for the implementation of various projects by the business communities in both sides, and work to create a favorable environment for investment, Participating in economic exhibitions, intensifying visits of government delegations and businessmen, providing logistical facilities in support of import and export activities, and encouraging joint cooperation with other countries at regional and international levels.