Foldable smartphone Samsung will be released in Japan October 10th 19:24

Samsung Electronics, the world's top smartphone shipment, announced that it will release a foldable smartphone that can be used like a tablet device in the end of this month when the display is expanded, and smartphone sales worldwide At the same time, it will be noticed whether it will lead to new demand.

The smartphone released by Samsung Electronics on the 25th of this month is a 4.6-inch screen when folded, but it becomes a 7.3-inch screen when it is expanded, and it can be used like a tablet device.

This terminal is sold by AU's KDDI in Japan, and the price is about 240,000 yen, which is set higher than conventional smartphones and tablet terminals.

Samsung was planning to release this terminal in Japan at the beginning, but it was postponed because of a problem with the folding display.

As for folding smartphones, Microsoft in the US and Huawei in China are also scheduled to be released, and models have already been announced.

Each company sees that smartphone users have many opportunities to watch videos and the need for large screens is expanding, and as smartphone sales hit a global level, it will be noticed that this will lead to new demand.