Transport and automotive and media and entertainment are among the key sectors that will benefit from the launch of 5G networks in the UAE, given the country's advanced infrastructure and future technology initiatives. And also to support officials for future transformation and new technology.

«Transport and automotive»

In a report released on the sidelines of GITEX Technology Week, which concluded yesterday, the company explained that the country's first focus on the use of the 5G network will be on the transport and automotive sector, expecting that the number of vehicles connected to the network will grow at a CAGR of 143% by 2015. 2024. The report added that there are many diverse and fundamental opportunities to use the “5G” and the technology it provides to develop the transportation sector, as the transport sector is one of the most promising sectors that will benefit from the services of the new generation of telecommunications, especially with the support of officials in the UAE for future transport systems.

He pointed out that the UAE has many future visions and initiatives that will benefit from the launch of the services of the fifth generation, including the initiative of Dubai Smart City, which will provide a platform for applications and services of «5G», in addition to autonomous vehicles, intelligent signal system, as well as monitoring services and control Out, environmental standards.


As part of Dubai's self-reliance strategy launched in 2016, the emirate has set a goal of converting 25 per cent of Dubai's total commute to driverless self-service by various means of transport by 2030, including five Annual savings and economic returns are expected to reach AED 22 billion.

First vehicle

For Abu Dhabi, Masdar City launched in October 2018 the first self-driving vehicle in its 12-passenger autonomous network, making it the first self-driving vehicle in the MENA region.

He pointed out that there are four main areas for the use of 5G services in the transport sector, including control and automation of transport centers, such as airports and ports, as well as intelligent control of supply chains and tracking and handling of cargo, as well as contacting vehicles to diagnose any malfunctions and provide entertainment, in addition to systems Intelligent traffic control and self-driving vehicles.

«Media and Entertainment»

The report said that the media and entertainment sector will be the second focus of the state to benefit from the fifth generation technologies, amid the expectation of the growth of video enhancement services by 138% by 2024.

He said that many international events that will be hosted by the UAE in the coming period, the most important of which is Expo 2020 Dubai, represent an opportunity to develop media and entertainment applications based on 5G technologies, not only in the country but in the region as a whole.

Applications include high-definition video broadcasting in various ways, and the use of augmented reality technology to deliver information and provide entertainment to visitors.

He pointed out that the use of the fifth generation in the media and entertainment sector will focus on three main points, the first is the introduction of media applications in a new way in public stadiums and events through the use of augmented reality technology and virtual reality, while the second point is the use of new forms of content, the third point is the Provide high-speed video streaming.

- «Ericsson» confirmed the enjoyment of the state 's advanced infrastructure .. and the launch of future technological initiatives.

- Masdar launched its first autonomous vehicle in October 2018


Expected growth in

Video enhancement services

By 2024.