Consumption tax increase The impact is less than the previous five years ago Super "Life" Oct. 9 21:34

President Takaharu Iwasaki of “Life Corporation”, a super chain that operates over 270 stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Kansai, said at the press conference that last month ’s sales rose by more than 2% due to the so-called “rush demand” accompanying the increase in the consumption tax rate. He said the impact was small compared to the tax rate increase five years ago.

As a result, sales of Life Corporation last month increased by more than 2% compared to the same month last year.

Looking at the breakdown, household goods such as detergents and toilet paper increased by approximately 20%, alcoholic beverages increased by approximately 15%, and clothing such as underwear increased by approximately 10%. President Iwasaki was able to confirm the last-minute demand before the consumption tax rate was raised from the second half of last month. And

On top of that, President Iwasaki stated that “sales increased by about 10% when the consumption tax rate was raised five years ago,” and this time the reduction tax rate was applied to food, etc., and the effect was small. Showed.