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Companies: lack of data, awareness and cost highlighted the challenges of expansion in «artificial intelligence»


IT officials said that the local market is currently facing several challenges impeding the rapid expansion of the deployment of AI applications in various sectors, pointing out that the main challenges are the lack of auxiliary databases in some institutions, as well as the cost of conversion

IT officials said that the local market is facing several challenges that hinder the rapid expansion of the deployment of applications of artificial intelligence in various sectors, pointing out that the main challenges are the lack of auxiliary databases in some institutions, as well as the cost of switching to solutions based on artificial intelligence , In addition to poor awareness of the importance of those solutions.

On the sidelines of the GITEX Technology Week 2019, which concludes today, the private sector is the fastest growing in the use of artificial intelligence technologies compared to the orientation of government institutions, they said, noting that the banking, health and customer service sectors The most demanded of these technologies, while the cybersecurity sector is the latest trend in the use of artificial intelligence.

more time

Jonathan Viosner, Director of Channels and International Business Development at Sisatania Technology and Artificial Intelligence Systems, said: “There are several challenges facing the expanded use of AI solutions and applications in the UAE and the region in general, most notably the lack of archived data on which AI relies at work. And the development of its services and solutions for some institutions, in addition to the lack of awareness among some companies of the uses of these solutions, as well as concerns of companies of the high cost in the transition to artificial intelligence systems ».

“Currently, the most demanding sectors in the UAE and the region for AI solutions include banks, insurance, airports, healthcare, and corporate customer service departments,” he said. Modern trends internationally and locally, especially after experiments proved effective in that area ».

He pointed out that «the private sector is the fastest shift towards systems of artificial intelligence, compared to the government sector, with the ease of making the decisions of the transformation», pointing out that «the spread of those systems still needs more time in the country and the region».

Gradual expansion

Dr. Fawaz Habbal, Commercial Director and Founder of Infusion Solutions, said: “Despite the current diversity of AI systems and solutions, the expansion of their use is still gradual, with concerns in mind. "Some organizations are looking at ways and difficulties of using these systems and concerns about their impact on employment, as well as the lack of possible databases for some organizations to switch to AI solutions, as well as the expected cost of transformation."

"The most important uses of artificial intelligence are currently taking place in sectors related to banking, human resources, customer service and medical care," Habbal said. "For example, we are actually relying on an artificial intelligence robot at Hatta Hospital in Dubai."

Business establishments

“There is currently a demand in local markets for AI solutions, but there is a slow pace of expansion of these solutions due to a number of challenges, including the lack of systematic databases and the lack of awareness of their importance,” said Shirish Gyan, founding director of Sagan Innovations and Digital Solutions. "In addition to concerns about the cost of the transition."

He pointed out that «private institutions are the fastest shift towards those solutions, according to market indicators monitored by the company, while the most demanding sectors: banks, insurance, health care, and finally entered the field of commercial enterprises».


“There is a tendency for companies to find systematic databases that support future expansion in the use of artificial intelligence solutions,” said Osama Al Zoubi, Cisco Innovation Manager for Middle East and Africa.

He considered that «the challenges of lack of awareness and concerns of cost and fears of insecurity in the use of artificial intelligence solutions are temporary, and will gradually disappear during the coming periods to support the spread of those solutions in the future».

"One of the modern sectors that have achieved great success in relying on artificial intelligence systems: cybersecurity, with accurate data analysis in line with cybersecurity standards, indicating the wider use of those solutions in that area."

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