“Outside the point reduction target is a big headwind” Saizeria President Oct. 9 21:47

Kazunari Hori, president of the family restaurant Saizeriya, said at the press conference about the impact of the consumption tax hike, "It's a big headwind for us who are not eligible for the cashless payment point return system."

Saizeriya has kept the tax-inclusive price of its main products even after the consumption tax rate has been raised, but President Horiko said at the press conference on the 9th that “We expect that the decline in consumption due to the tax increase will surely occur. It ’s a big headwind because it ’s not subject to the point-reward system for less payments. ”

President Takashi Hori also said that it took about three months for the depressed customers to return when the consumption tax rate was raised five years ago, and “I do not yet know how much this tax rate increase will actually affect.” Said.