Unilever wants to halve the use of new plastic by 2025 by reducing the overall plastic use by more than 100,000 tons and by using more recycled material, says CEO Alan Jope in an interview with CNBC channel on Monday.

By that time, the food company also wants to collect and process more plastic packaging than to sell.

The multinational has brands such as Knorr, Robijn, Dove and Ben & Jerry's in its portfolio.

Unilever wants all plastic packaging of the company to be reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. A quarter of the plastic used must be recycled. The company also wants to help around 2025 to collect and process around 600,000 tonnes of plastic annually.

"Our starting point must be the design - that is, the reduction in the amount of plastic that we use - in order to ensure that the plastic that we use increasingly comes from recycled sources," says Jope.