The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) revealed during its participation in GITEX Technology Week 2019 a number of future projects based on the technologies of artificial intelligence, the fifth generation and the Internet of things, most notably three «robots», one specialized in the preparation of food, while the other was designed to prepare coffee , While the third «robot» was developed to play «badminton». Fazaa will be implementing a smart emergency response system as a mandatory vehicle standard in the country starting next year.

Future Projects

At the GITEX Technology Week 2019, the TRA presented visitors to its stand at a number of future projects based on AI, 5G and IoT technologies that look forward to life in the near future, most notably the Smart Android Chef. The Authority said that the new «robot» with three arms was able to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner, quickly and accurately and according to the user's desire, and visitors enjoyed the coffee provided by «Robot» another prepared for this purpose, pointing out that the user only to determine the type of coffee they want , So that «Android» prepared and presented to the user.

The robots also had another presence on the platform, through the Badminton Robot project, which is one of the projects of the Authority's journey. This robot embodies the great speeds provided by the 5G networks through the rapid feedback provided by « The robot to catch badminton and re-send to the opponent, and badminton robot was a strong competitor to visitors to the body wing, who found it difficult to overcome during play.


Visitors to the TRA platform expressed their admiration for the new projects through which TRA reviews the most important smart services that represent a variety of contributions by TRA in promoting the smart lifestyle in the UAE, supporting the transition to the future based on artificial intelligence and smart city, and developing the mechanism of dealing with Techniques of the times to serve man, by providing modern technical solutions related to the requirements of human daily life.

Looking ahead

Majid Al Mazloum, Senior Director of the Smart Government Innovation Center, a member of the Innovation Team at the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), said: “Through these technology projects, we have been keen to provide insight into the shape of the near future and the change that AI, 5G and Internet technologies can make. "Things in our daily lives." “What we have provided is an invitation to Emirati youth to learn about artificial intelligence techniques and contribute to projects and ideas that help to reach a more prosperous and easy life. And senior citizens and young children. ”

Experimental model

In addition, the Authority presented through its stand at the exhibition a pilot model to simulate the application of the system «Fazaa» smart response to emergencies in cars in the country. "Fazaa will be introduced as a mandatory standard for new cars in the coming year," Mazloum said. He added in a press statement, yesterday, on the sidelines of the exhibition, that «(Fazaa) aims to provide a speed response in dealing with car accidents, and reduce mortality rates through rapid communication through the system by car with the competent authorities, and inform them immediately after the incident with geolocation "Accurate for accident-hit vehicles, which reduces access time compared to conventional systems."

He pointed out that «the system was prepared in cooperation with the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (specifications), while coordinating with representatives of car companies on the readiness to implement operations during the next year is mandatory on cars».

Sophisticated experiments

Majid Al Mazloum, Senior Director of the Smart Government Innovation Center, a member of the Innovation Team at the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), said: “The Fazaa system allows to know the requirements for cars that are exposed to accidents through automatic data transfer to the competent authorities.”

He added that «the Authority has completed advanced experiments recently on the application of the system, where verified effective communication processes with the readiness of communications networks in the country to deal with the system», pointing out that «(Fazaa) is possible to develop in the future, as it can be known in the coming periods By ambulance to send medical ambulances to be equipped with the necessary preparations according to their health ».